Russian artists create unreal brand collabs (PHOTOS)

Unreal Collaboration
What do you get if you cross Soviet baking soda with Balenciaga sneakers?

1. Russian artists fantasize about collaborations between different brands in the Unreal Collaboration Instagram account. Take a look at what would happen if the Alenka chocolate girl donned a Gucci shawl.

2. The juicy colors of Russia’s best known baking soda are the perfect match for Balenciaga sneakers.

3. A Belmorkanal print could appear on a windbreaker from The North Face.

4. A collaboration between Rolex and Rollton (a brand of instant noodles) could contain a subtle reminder about the humble origins of expensive watch owners (note the noodle-shaped hands).

5. Everyone dreams of having a cool sweatshirt, and Russian cartoon characters are no exception.

6. Another Balenciaga-based idea. How about some luxury shoe covers for visits to the hospital? After their logo appearing on cigarette lighters, anything is possible!

7. A collab for lovers of salami and expensive trinkets.

8. What if a jacket not only kept out the biting wind, but helped prevent colds? Try soaking Stone Island clothing in Zvezda ointment.

9. Baltika beer cans on Calvin Klein keyrings? Easy!

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