Can Reddit teach you anything about Russia?

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Russia has a limited presence in the minds of Reddit users. But when interest spikes it can be surprising what you come across. Here are five Russia-related subreddits to follow.

1. r/Russia

This community posts “anything related to the country of Russia.” Songs, poetry, films and memes are on the plate. r/Russia is also a place where complete amateurs go when they have a question about Russia.

An American-resident behind the user-name, u/SDMPunk, came to this subreddit wondering “what the overall quality of life is for a middle class Russian citizen?” Well, it may sound a tad narrow-minded but the person’s desire to know is praiseworthy.

Jokes aside, the young Russia enthusiast got a very detailed answer to his question: “Russia is a hugely unequal country in terms of income.” While this introduction is relative, it has a strong basis in fact. Sadly, no one sent an article titled: “Is Russia a rich country or a poor one” to u/SDMPunk, but we’ll make sure that we rectify this problem.

Another user named u/serifufu posed a really interesting question:

She’s writing a story set in Russia in the 1990s and she needs to invent and develop a convincing character. She got some answers, but it’s also worth to look here.

2. r/AskHistorians

This is a general interest subreddit and not Russia-related strictly speaking. We all know Russia’s history is a swamp that’ll swallow you up without a trace unless a knowledgeable person gives you a hand. This is exactly what happens at r/AskHistorians:

It’s also worth taking a look at this article: Who among the Romanovs survived the Red Terror a century ago?

3. r/RussiaLago

Did Donald Trump collude with the Russians? It’s gotten so complex that even Russians don’t know for sure if Trump works for them.

This subreddit is dedicated to unravel the political mystery and gossip about Trump-Russia relations, and share theories (read conspiracies).

Sometimes you find gems like this.

4. r/Russian

Do not confuse with r/Russia - it’s totally different. Here people talk Russian language, andit’s a good place to find a study partner and exchange English lessons for hours of speaking Russian.

Challenging exercises can also be found there: try translating the following short story to English:

Memes and awkward typos are also of interest to the community.

5. r/ru

Only join if you mastered all of the above because this subreddit is the most authentic: it operates in Russian. Naturally, its scope is not as impressive, but the community is a paradise for all things Russian.

Click here to watch Metro 2033 trailer.

Or here, to watch pancakes being cooked.

BONUS: Pikabu

Most Russians don’t know what Reddit is and they can care less. But many know what Pikabu is. The trick is that this website is virtually a Russian copy of the American platform, andit’s worth trying if the lack of Russia-related subreddits frustrates you.

Click here to enter the dark world of Russian memes.

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