Top 7 urban wonders for the best Instagram shots in Moscow

From a panoramic view of Moscow to the most vivid gardens – these are the top locations for any photo shoot in Moscow.

1. Moscow City

Moscow City is one of the most popular locations for a photo shoot in Moscow. It looks good as background and is very stylish inside. Best pics can be taken from Taras Shevchenko Embankment, within the business district, as well as from a specially equipped 89th floor of the Federation Tower that provides a birds-eye backdrop and panoramic view of the capital. There is an entrance fee.

2. Aptekarsky Ogorod

This is the oldest botanical garden in Moscow, founded in 1706 by Peter the Great. It’s relatively small but includes so many ideal locations that it’s a perfect spot for photographers. Inside, you may pose your models in the middle of a desert, in a rainforest, and next to ponds and blossoming flowers. A small entrance fee applies.

3. Mosfilm

They filmed parts of Doctor Zhivago here. This is a specially designed filming location named “Moscow, 19th century” because it takes visitors right to the past. It’s a real village with its own church, an estate, and residential buildings – a dream location for any photographer.

The photo shoots must be coordinated with the management. A small entrance fee applies.

4. Vinzavod & Flacon

These are two different art spaces in two different parts of Moscow. Choose whichever is closer to you because they are, to a great degree, identical. Old factories turned into modern loft art spaces scattered with studios, cafes and tiny shops makes for a wonderful site for any photographer. Red brick walls decorated with massive graffiti serve as a great backdrop to pictures. No entrance fee.

5. Tsaritsyno

They could have filmed Game of Thrones here: a marvelous castle stands on a hill; a forest surrounds it from one side; and a beautiful park on the other. Recreational photographers, however, must be aware of the professionals. Countless wedding photo sessions take place here non-stop. Despite the inconvenience they might cause, their number tells you how good this place is for taking pictures. No entrance fee.

6. Zhivopisny most

This bridge in Serebryanny Bor is the tallest of its kind in Europe, and it has a striking design and vivid color. Models can pose standing right on the bridge or, alternatively, standing on the bank of the Moscow River flowing beneath. No entrance fee.

7. GUM

This is an iconic location and one of the most frequently used. This glamorous mall is also very conveniently located in the very center of the city, right next to Red Square. The building’s rich décor and shining interiors are a creativity booster for photographers. As a bonus, GUM is as good on the inside as it is on the outside, and therefore it gives photographers two locations in one.

GUM has unclear rules regarding photographing inside, and it’s usually up to the security personnel’s discretion. To avoid an abrupt ending to your photo shoot, it is recommended to receive permission a couple of days in advance via email. It’s free and no hassle. No entrance fee.

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