Moscow Metro gets a BIG Circle Line (PHOTOS)

Yevgeny Odinokov/Sputnik
The capital’s underground will now become even more convenient. A full circle ride along this line will take about 90 minutes.

The Big Circle Line, which runs through all radial ones, was opened in Moscow on March 1. The 71-km line consists of 31 stations and was launched in several stages. The first section (Kashirskaya, Varshavskaya and Kakhovskaya) has operated since 1969.

Letter BKL mean Big Circle Line

The next section in northwest Moscow from Petrovsky Park to Delovoy Center was opened in 2018 and, at the end of 2021, another 10 stations (we wrote about them here) were added.

Now, the last stations to complete the circle are ready. Let’s take a look at them!

1. Tekstilshchiki

From Tekstilshchiki, it will be possible to transfer to the purple line, as well as to the Moscow Central Diameters. The interior has a gray color, while the ceiling is finished with aluminum panels, which, according to the architects’ idea, symbolize a weaving loom (this area of Moscow was known for textile manufacturers).

(more about diameters here

2. Pechatniki

The transfer to the light green metro line and the Moscow Central Diameters. When designing the interior, the architects chose a neo-brutalist style, using aluminum and stainless steel. (more about brutalist architecture here)  

3. Nagatinsky Zaton

This station is located in the Nagatinsky Zaton district, not far from the Moscow River. The aquatic theme is exactly what inspired the architects: the walls are decorated with huge depictions of fish that can be found in the Moscow River.

4. Klenovy Bulvar

Another station in Nagatinsky Zaton district is located near Kolomenskoye Park. The vestibule refers to the shape of the tsar’s palace from the park and inside the ceilings resemble its arches. The interior is reminiscent of ancient Russian crafts.

5. Maryina Roscha

Maryina Roscha was opened in the north of Moscow. It offers a transfer to the light green line and the Moscow Central Diameters. The length of its escalators are 130 meters - a record for the Moscow Metro (the previous one belongs to the Park Pobedy - 127 meters). The main color for the interior, meanwhile, is white.

6. Sokolniki

The most vivid site of the Big Circle Line! Sokolniki is a real gallery of art, made in the style of Suprematism and Russian Constructivism, as if its architect was Malevich himself. Sokolniki connects to the red line of the Moscow Metro.

7. Rizhskaya

This metro station, located near Rizhsky Railway, is supposed to reduce the traffic on the orange line. Its interior is decorated with many arches that will symbolize the gateway to the city.

8. Kashirskaya

After three years of renovation, Muscovites finally saw the renewed Kashirskaya and Varshavskaya stations. Both were opened back in 1969, first as a branch of the green line and then as an individual line, which laid the foundation of the Big Circle. The historical appearance was preserved, but the wall cladding and main structures were renewed.

9. Varshavskaya

Historical murals on the walls were also left at Varshavskaya station, but the engineering systems and lobbies were updated.


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