10 legendary PHOTOS of Soviet sport

Vladimir Vyatkin/MAMM collection
The most emotional and breathtaking moments of different sporting events, captured in unusual angles through the camera lens of some of the most talented photographers of that era.

After a year and a half of renovation, the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM) has finally opened its doors to visitors with several new exhibitions from the museum's collection. We have already written about the exposition devoted to the fashion of the turn of the 20th century. And now, take a look at some of the photos from the ‘Sport in Photography. From Rodchenko to the present day’ exhibition.

1/ Alexander Rodchenko. High diving. Moscow. 1934

2/ Boris Ignatovich. Chess players. 1935

3/ Anatoly Yegorov. Football on Red Square. 1936 

Read more about that legendary football game on Red Square initiated by Joseph Stalin here.

4/ Ivan Shagin. Sports parade on Red Square. Moscow. 1936

5/ Lev Borodulin. A tough round. 1956

6/ Lev Borodulin. ‘So who are the judges?’ Moscow. 1960

7/ Lev Borodulin. Yuri Vlasov. 1962

Read more about Yuri Vlasov, the Soviet hero who inspired Arnold Schwarzenegger.

8/ Lev Borodulin. Into space! 1964

9/ Sergei Guneyev. Steeplechase. Moscow. 1980

10/ Vladimir Vyatkin. Plasticity. 1984

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