12 Russian souvenirs for any budget (PHOTOS)

Mikhail Djaparidze/TASS
It really doesn’t matter how much you’re ready to spend on a souvenir - whether $3 or $3,000. In Russia, you can find something interesting at any price.

Flea markets, street sellers, and souvenir shops - upon arrival in Russia you won’t have a problem finding a place to buy souvenirs to take home. But how to choose from millions of options available?

Take the Izmailovsky market, for instance: it’s considered one of the best locations to buy souvenirs in Moscow, but one can get confused with a vast array of Russian curiosities sold there and risk buying something boring or overpriced.

To help you find the best souvenirs in Russia and show a glimpse of what can be found in local stores, we’ve put together our pick of traditional, as well as some unusual, souvenirs from Russia - from cheap to really expensive! It’s only a fraction of what’s available, but it proves one thing - you’ll be able to find something memorable for any kind of budget!

1. ‘From Moscow with Love’ magnet (Respublika) - 150 rubles (ca. $2.50)

2. ‘St. Petersburg roofs’ pocket mirror (Elizabeth Madar) - 200 rubles (ca. $3.40)

3. Matryoshka doll (Imatreshki) - 550 rubles (ca. $8.80)

4. Soldier earflap hat  - 950 rubles (ca. $15.00) 

5. ‘Football Moscow’ scarf (HeartofMoscow) - 1,200 rubles ($18) 

6. ‘The Mystery of the Heart’ shawl (Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory) - 2,133 rubles ($34) 

7. ‘Kandinsky’ raincoat (Hermitage Shop) - 3,250 rubles (ca. $52.00) 

8. ‘Magic Forest’ Photo Frame (Russian style souvenirs) - 5,000 rubles (ca. $80.00) 

9. Porcelain tea set (Imperial Lomonosov Porcelain) - 13,440 rubles (ca. $215.00) 

10. Fur boots (Severodnako) - 24,000 rubles (ca. $383.00)

11. ‘Avante-garde’ Raketa watch (Raketa) - 78,000 rubles (ca. $1,250.00)

12. Authentic Russian tiara replica (Johann Nikadimus) - 200,000 rubles ($3,300)

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