10 BEST Russian dance hits of summer 2020 (VIDEO)

Here are some really great beats that will make your playlist even more hot!

1. Little Big - ‘HYPNODANCER’

This band is for sure Russia’s hottest ticket right now. They were supposed to perform at the 2020 Eurovision song contest this spring with their hit ‘Uno’, but due to coronavirus they stayed home and made another great track instead - that has gained almost 100 million views on YouTube right now.

2. Morgenstern & Allj - ‘Cadillac’

The collaboration of Russian rap’s bad boys took YouTube, Instagram and TikTok by storm. Their young audience is rocking under the music flow while the adults try to understand the song’s words.

3. Artur Pirozhkov - ‘Overdance me (Перетанцуй меня)’

‘Artur Pirozhkov’ started as a parody image of the average Russian pop singer - that was created by Russian comedian Alexander Revva. Ironically, the character became hugely successful and Revva has started to perform more as Artur Pirozhkov the singer than the comedian. However, there is still an obvious and funny satire in his videos.

4. Cream Soda - ‘Your heart is ice (Сердце Лед)’

This young band made another hit releasing their freshest song in July. They are famous for being nostalgic with raves in the 1990s and 2000s, so if you partied during those years, you should enjoy this tune for sure. And their video clip is also a separate type of art! (Check out a funny dance challenge that went viral during lockdown after Cream Soda’s previous video clip was released)

5. Klava Koka & NILETTO - ‘Crush (Краш)’

Another big collaboration of this summer - a new song by these two idols of Russia’s youth and the TikTok generation. The video was filmed in a village glamour style, appealing to the 1990s, as well. Klava is also famous for her covers of popular western songs in Russian.

6. Mary Gu - ‘Disney (Дисней)’

A good pop song about a strong, independent woman who drinks whiskey and insists she is not a Disney princess and if a guy doesn’t like it - he can go away. Feminists will like this song!

7. IOWA - ‘Dance with me (Потанцуй со мной)’

This is a visual story of a girl getting herself involved in the “Wild West” men’s world, and a modern Russian take on how things happened in saloons... We bet you won’t take your eyes off IOWA dancing! 

8. Zivert & NILETTO - ‘Fly 2’

Mixing English and Russian language in one song is a nice trick. These two popular singers made a nice track for warm summer nights. As YouTube users comment, it’s perfect for listening to while driving in a car.

9. Sergey Lazarev - ‘I can’t keep silence (Я не могу молчать)’

Sergei Lazarev used to be a heartthrob for all the girls in the 2000s being a co-singer in the duo called ‘Smash’. In the 2010s, he performed for Russia twice at Eurovision - and came third both times. And in the 2020s - we are happy to listen to his great voice.

10. Olga Buzova feat. Dzharo & Khanza - ‘Mira me Bebe’

The latest song released by Russian instagram diva Olga Buzova is her first collaboration with hip hop performers. It sounds like a mix of dance pop music and a little bit of dancehall. This video clip provides the lyrics in Russian, so it could be a nice change for you to learn some new words! 

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