5 reasons why being Russian is cool (OPINION)

Russians know how to adapt and survive in harsh conditions and can read classic literature in its original language — what else is there to wish for?

1. You can read & watch Russian classics... in the original language

Russian classic literature can be a pain in the neck for high school students in Russia, but you appreciate it more as you mature. At some point comes the realization that you are extremely privileged to be able to read these renowned masterpieces in their original language, as if you were talking to Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Pasternak, and other giants of thoughts without a need for an interpreter. This can not be appreciated enough.

When it comes to classic Soviet comedies — The Diamond Arm, Ivan Vasilievich Back to the future, Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures and other movies — as a Russian, you not only enjoy these masterpieces in original, but you can also relate to them, as subtle nuances are bound to slip the untrained eye of a foreigner with a background different from what’s depicted in those brilliant and quintessentially Russian films.

Needless to say, contemporary Russians are pioneers in the meme industry. Sometimes, scrolling through my Facebook page, I thank fate for making me Russian, as this seems to be the only way to make fun of my life in such a blatant manner. 

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2. You may complain, grumble, and nag all day long and no one will judge you

Most Russians are pessimists. Being Russian, I constantly grumble about everything: the weather, economy, people, government — nothing is immune to my criticism. What’s exciting is how this constant nag flow does not seem to bother or negatively affect other people in my vicinity. Because, well, all Russians are just like me or even worse. So, in comparison, my grumble looks more like fun and I look more like an optimist, while in any other country I’d be diagnosed with depression a long time ago. But being a Russian has its unlikely merits.

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3. You have proper winters with snow

As the international community is increasingly concerned with global warming and its effect on countries around the world, many Russians have the luxury of being clueless about the dire impact of climate change on their country.

Russian winters remain notorious despite everything. And Russians have learned to make most of it. Russians soldiers and generals used it to defeat invading forces on multiple occasions throughout the Russian history, Russian travelers and adventurists have learned how to use it to their benefit, and the general public has constructed multiple pleasant routines around the fact that it gets cold here in winter. Being Russian is cool, literally.

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4. You can always find your way around the system’s imperfection

Like in many other countries, the Russian sociopolitical system is not perfect and has its imperfections. Any Russian will readily admit to it. Some laws are obsolete or redundant and changes do not come easy.

As a result, most of the Russians figured very well how to utilize existing loopholes to their advantage and to minimize the negative effect of redundant regulations. And the cool thing about being Russian is that you learn to navigate this system from the cradle and refine your skills as the years pass.

This may sound appalling to some, I know. But my experience tells me that thanks to such upbringing, Russians tend to be generally more agile and dexterous, compared to people from many other developed countries who have had no such pressing need to spin, navigate, and maneuver in borderline conditions. Many Russians express surprise to what they may call “softness”, naivety, rose-tinted glasses and lack of adaptability they sometimes observe in a great many foreigners. Hence, the Russian readiness to give a helping hand to foreigners in difficult situations.

Honestly, I’m lucky to be Russian, as I would have long perished otherwise.

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5. You are surrounded by Russian women

It’s a well-known fact Russian women are the epitome of beauty and femininity. Imagine for a second what this implies for Russian men. Our entire life, we are surrounded by the most beautiful and caring women that men from other countries could only dream of.

Surprisingly, men do not even have to look like models — as long as he is not too ugly, the man will do just fine, because masculine beauty and appearance are traditionally less emphasized in the Russian culture.

Yes, Russian women are also notoriously hard to please, but this can be discounted as a protective behavioral mechanism on their part.

As for why it is cool to be a Russian woman, there are also a few simple reasons: first, you are born beautiful, because of your diverse ethnic background; second, you are much appreciated by the society you live in, and, finally, you are simply destined to preserve your natural beauty up to a ripe old age, because of the beauty industry that flourishes in Russia.

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