Russian artist reimagines traditional handicrafts as female figures (PICS)

Natalya Nosova
Russia Beyond’s very own graphic designer, Natalya Nosova, has put a unique spin on traditional Russian handicrafts with her latest series of artworks. In these images, she portrays traditional crafts, such as matryoshkas, shawls and castings as female figures.

In this series, Natalya Nosova captures the beauty and elegance of traditional Russian handicrafts, reimagining them as female figures. The artworks are a visual feast, showcasing the intricate details and designs of these traditional crafts in a new light.

1. Matryoshka

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2. Gzhel

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3. Khokhloma

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4. Dymka toys

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5. Kasli casting

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6. Zhostovo painting

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7. Orenburg shawls

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8. Palekh lacquer miniature

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9. Kazakovo filigree metalwork

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10. Gorodets painting

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11. Rostov finift

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12. Vologda lace

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13. Pavlovsky Posad shawls

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